self-love is self-care

Every journey leads to self-care.

At some point, when you pass through the hurdle of being motivated by fear… you reach new grounds, a new experience, a new reality of feeling good in your body.

When feeling good feels so right, you just can’t imagine hurting yourself, with another drink, cigaret or red velvet cupcake…

Wish yourself the experience of feeling and being healthy.  It’s not only possible, but your birthright.

All roads lead to self-love and that looks like self-care.

Notes ruin me… plus my 5000 hour check-in

Yesterday, I was so excited about doing my podcast… it is the 4 years anniversary of serving as a guide in this work!

4 years ago I stood in front of my first group of people… after hiding behind a computer screen for over 14 years as a computer guy.

4 years ago I started the journey of a life-long dream of being available as a guide, coach and teacher of sorts…

About 5000 hours of practice so far… and it has taught me a lot. So of course I was excited to come on the podcast and share some of what I learned.

But then I created a problem for myself… at 7am in the morning, on my way to my first meeting, I took notes on my phone… after-all, I have learned some amazing lessons..

As you may already know, I work really hard NOT to prepare for the podcasts… as a matter of fact I like to have back2back meetings all the way to my podcast just so I don’t have anytime to “prepare” or think about it…

So with all of my excitement and enthusiasm, I found my flow continuously interrupted every time I would look at my phone notes…

Funny, right? Well I still want to take the time and really expand on this important topic and lessons… developing and “marketing” a spiritual business.

So below are my actual notes from my phone and the link to yesterday’s podcast…

Take a listen and look at the below “notes from my phone” – and let me know – what would you like to hear more about, know more about… I would love to further discuss, share more stories and really support any of you looking to launch and grow your own practice as a healer, artist, coach and magician of sorts…

“Phone Notes”:

  1. Stop looking for “The One” thing you do… instead, admit to yourself what do you want to fully explore and experience for the next chapter/season of your life.
  2. Be prepared for your idea to shift and change… your actual dreams are hiding behind your made up ones.
  3. It is okay to copy someone else just to get going and to feel that what you want to do is possible, but know that you must find your own expression.
  4. Keep your day-job until you have enough trust in yourself and life to support you no matter what…
  5. Don’t do math, don’t do it for the money.
  6. You must ask for Money
  7. Find someone else who will do the tasks that you really really don’t want to do.. develop a support team!
  8. Use what you have access to and stop idealizing how things “should be”…
  9. Stop working on your website, titles, tag-lines…
  10. Focus on the tasks that will get you to show up consistently
  11. Put dates on the calendar first… build it and they will come!
  12. Recognize that YOU ARE THE MEDICINE…. with tools and resources that have helped you and are fun for you!
  13. You can’t do it all at once… nature takes time
  14. Do very little, but do it well and with heart.
  15. Trust your essence… for example – mine is patience, space of none-judgment and being guided by the heart.. what’s yours?
  16. Once you get experiences, slowly implement systems to take care of repeating tasks to free up your time
  17. Word of mouth is the best marketing…
  18. Stop looking to attract people, make people more attractive
  19. Over-deliver and know when to tone it down and pull back…
  20. Take your own advice!
  21. Ensure unstructured free time as part of your personal todo list.
  22. Stop waiting to be ready or to not be scared… silly.
  23. Whatever you do and whatever happens is part of your experience.
  24. Stop looking to please your colleagues
  25. Be as radical as you are… or drown in self-betrayal
  26. Find 2 people to talk about everything with…
  27. Share your process with people to make sure you don’t hide behind a persona – bring them in.
  28. Stop sharing all your process with everyone.
  29. Teach people how to connect with you and you preferred method of communications
  30. Realize that your business is based on magic and not expectations
  31. Start with your needs then upgrade to desires…
  32. Imagine the future as you want to experience it..
  33. Avoid partnerships because you think you need someone and be super honest about expectations when you do partner up..
  34. There is no cushion for your clients… so why are you wanting one.
  35. Know that you attract who you are so stop complaining…
  36. Color outside the lines and get messy.
  37. Don’t market, create a space of invitation.
  38. Tell people where you gonna be, and what you do… do not invite and over invite… if you’re good… people will talk about it.
  39. Pay for what you want to sell
  40. Pay full price or expect people to treat you the same
  41. Stop reading books and attending seminars
  42. Love yourself



We are Here to Create Adventures

9 years ago I ran away…

I got in my car and drove one way to the West Coast without any plans of returning or any plans for the future… I just had to go. I had to run away.

My intention was SELF-CARE… I was physically sick, emotionally drained and spiritually broke…

Today, I am back in New York with a partner, a child, a job and a community family that I am honored to serve everyday!

In almost a decade – I learned my real definition and experience of success:

PRESENCE…  the ability to handle anything that comes my way, navigate conciseness and intentionally create with my imagination while being guided by my heart!

That’s what I discuss in my latest Podcast posted here…


Listen and let me know what comes up for you… either in a comment here or in private.