Structure for Freedom: Awaking & Remember Life’s Intelligence…


This spring, we begin a new cycle. The journey of seasons starts at the spring. And this year we explore STRUCTURE.

I invite you to RECOGNIZE structure as the core of CREATION. structure shapes the flow of your imagination, relationships and manifestation!

We will explore structure in our spring sessions, this weekend in New Haven, next at the Farm.

More notes about STRUCTURE below but first a new structure announcement:


I am excited to have moved AND expanded our PODCAST time together –

Tuesdays 9pm-11pm. listen and call the late night wake-up support hotline :)

Tune in LIVE and/or Call in (877) 480 – 4120 during show with your comments, questions and love.


Okay, back to STRUCTURE:

~ For being.

How are you expressing your inherent creative flow?

How are your cultivating states of being, self-reliance and independence from other people’s approval!

Your intentions, daydreams and joy all flowing as the river of your life. Together we learn to weather the storms, ride the waves and navigate our own consciousness to merge with the collective ️

So this spring – commit to Sacred Time, Sacred Me – practice of cultivating presence. Call it meditation, mindfulness, prayer, ecstatic dance or whatever represents your personal ritual for deeper awareness

What structure holds your INTENTION?

Structure represents shapes of energy that allow what is natural and essential to your nourishment & joy to FLOW.

Spiritual Expansion, Personal Development & Waking into Consciousness brings you back to the FLOW of life.

While you / we have been doing lots of good work this spring, I invite you start from scratch again. With EVERYTHING you already know. Drop it all, let it go. ALLOW for the part of you that NEVER changes to rise up.

Now that you have cultivated and got a sense of your own PRESENCE, let’s TURN PRO, and start acting and BEING the way – you already know you can and are.

So what part of you hasn’t change?

This spring, co-create, explore and allow for structures that allow your INHERENT INTENTION to flow through you.

Creating, producing and experiencing expansion – that’s our intention. Tune in to your inherent intentions.

Be kind to yourself. Feel good! Everything emanates from you.

A note on depression (absurdity)



This winter we explore the opposite of “meaning-making” – experiencing absurdity.

Many times it feels as a depression. so let’s use it for growth!

Feeling depressed is normal. Many things and reasons can lead to it. A recent study found it’s an allergic reaction to inflammation (google it).

We all experience some form of it from time to time. You know, feeling like crap. The joy is gone. Far-gone. A sense of helplessness. You want it to pass. You want to feel better already.

Okay… that’s fair. Feeling like crap isn’t fun.

But… let’s do this a bit differently.

Recognize that your depression is shining a light on a relationship you’re having with yourself. It’s not all of it. but it’s as real as your best version of your self-relationship.

Instead of waiting, eating, sleeping, drinking, journeying…

How about: Allowing. Feeling. Being.

Fully experiencing for the sake of honoring yourself

Many things you can learn while being depressed…

Most obvious – it usually points you to the direction and experience you really want / long for…

You want more fun. More Joy. More elegance… even more excitement?!

But what about your relationship with yourself is in the way?

Depression shines a light on a relationship you’re having with yourself – you can use ANY and ALL experiences to find out where you are, where you going and where you’re coming from.

Where are you not standing up for yourself?

When do you need more courage the most?

How are you ignoring yourself?

What feeling have I been too busy to feel fully?

It’s okay to “keep it together”… but you can’t avoid feelings and emotions forever…

Make room for them during your mediation / being-what-is time…

Or next time you feel depressed – smile to yourself and consider it your meditation period!

When you remember / recognize / acknowledge what you really want… you’re already in the process of creating it…

All that’s required is a bit of presence… and a physical (not mental) experience of self-love… just a tiny-bit goes a long way. TRY IT!

Get depressed, get awake. Do what you do… and do it with heart :)

Gratitude ~ Presence ~ Self-love through self-care


I am grateful for the experience of community.

It’s a relatively a new experience of (my) life. I have been talking about “community building” and also I’ve been making so many decisions with that as the foundation. Community-in-the-making. And. The actual experience of being community is a NEW mysterious magical dance.

What does being community feel like to you?

Today, I took a moment (a bunch actually), to experience gratitude. Community keeps coming up.

Watching and experiencing community blooming from only a seed. oh wow, it’s magnificent. It’s truly awe inspiring, when you’re present to it.

Take a moment (a few) to remind yourself of what you are, or can be. grateful for.

Don’t just think about it. Feel it. Allow all of the feelings to come up and move. There is usually a twist with receiving and enjoying. It takes practice.

What does gratitude feel like for you?

Experiencing more gratitude, pausing for it, enjoying life’s blessings.

This year, don’t just think about. create structure for space.

Structure for gratitude.

How about that for a New Year’s resolution?

Mine: share more light with you, take care of my body and continue being what is.

Notes Ruin my Flow. My 5000 hours check-in (spiritual business podcast)


Yesterday, I was so excited about doing my podcast. It is the 4 years anniversary of serving as a guide in this work!

4 years ago I stood in front of my first group of people. After hiding behind a computer screen for over 14 years as a computer guy.

4 years ago I started the journey of a life-long dream of being available as a guide, coach and teacher of sorts.

About 5000 hours of practice so far. And it has taught me a lot. So of course I was excited to come on the podcast and share some of what I learned.

But then I created a problem for myself. At 7am in the morning, on my way to my first meeting, I took notes on my phone. After all, I have learned some amazing lessons.

As you may already know, I work really hard NOT to prepare for the podcasts. As a matter of fact I like to have back to back meetings all the way to my podcast just so I don’t have any time to “prepare” or think about it.

So with all of my excitement and enthusiasm, I found my flow continuously interrupted every time I would look at my phone notes.

Funny, right? Well I still want to take the time and really expand on this important topic and lessons. Developing and “marketing” a spiritual business.

So below are my actual notes from my phone and the link to yesterday’s podcast.

Take a listen and look at the below “notes from my phone” – and let me know – what would you like to hear more about, know more about. I would love to further discuss, share more stories and really support any of you looking to launch and grow your own practice as a healer, artist, coach and magician of sorts.

Podcast on SoundCloud or iTunes

“Phone Notes”:

1. Stop looking for “The One” thing you do. Instead, admit to yourself what you want to fully explore and experience for the next chapter/season of your life.

2. Be prepared for your idea to shift and change. Your actual dreams are hiding behind your made up ones.

3. It is okay to copy someone else just to get going and to feel that what you want to do is possible, but know that you must find your own expression.

4. Keep your day-job until you have enough trust in yourself and life to support you no matter what.

5. Don’t do math, don’t do it for the money.

6. You must ask for Money

7. Find someone else who will do the tasks that you really, really don’t want to do. Develop a support team!

8. Use what you have access to and stop idealizing how things “should be”.

9. Stop working on your website, titles, tag-lines.

10. Focus on the tasks that will get you to show up consistently

11. Put dates on the calendar first. Build it and they will come!

12. Recognize that YOU ARE THE MEDICINE. With tools and resources that have helped you and are fun for you!

13. You can’t do it all at once. nature takes time

14. Do very little, but do it well and with heart.

16. Trust your essence. For example – mine is patience, space of none-judgment and being guided by the heart. What’s yours?

17. Once you get experiences, slowly implement systems to takes care of repeating tasks to free up your time

18. Word of mouth is the best marketing.

19. Stop looking to attract people, make people more attractive

20. Over-deliver and know when to tone it down and pull back.

21. Take your own advice!

22. Ensure unstructured free time as part of your personal to-do list.

23. Stop waiting to be ready or to not be scared. Silly.

24. Whatever you do and whatever happens is part of your experience.

25. Stop looking to please your colleagues

26. Be as radical as you are. or drown in self-betrayal

27. Find 2 people to talk about everything with.

28. Share your process with people to make sure you don’t hide behind a persona – bring them in.


30. Stop sharing all your process with everyone.

31. Teach people how to connect with you and you preferred method of communications

32. Realize that your business is based on magic and not expectations

33. Start with your needs then upgrade to desires.

34. Imagine the future as you want to experience it.

35. Avoid partnerships because you think you need someone and be super honest about expectations when you do partner up.

36. There is no cushion for your clients. So why do you want one?

37. Know that you attract who you are so stop complaining.

38. Color outside the lines and get messy.

39. Don’t market, create a space of invitation.

40. Tell people where you are gonna be, and what you do. Do not invite and over invite. If you’re good, people will talk about it.

41. Pay for what you want to sell

42. Pay full price or expect people to treat you the same

43. Stop reading books and attending seminars

44. Love yourself

To Share or Not to Share


In this email I share with you a bit of my sharing process with the intention of providing you guidance, support and even relief on this dilemma:

To share or not to share?

Share too little and you’re not fully yourself.

Share too much and you’re drowning in ego, projections and emotions.

I have been on a very raw journey in the last 4 months of recording a weekly podcast –

For me, it is much easier, technically and rationally – to not share online. Do everything privately. It’s already setup this way.


My heart also knows that our job is to support ANYONE on this journey. The journey back to the heart – back home. Community building!

It’s my journey and a role I accepted, to bridge the worlds.

And of course there is such a thing as TOO MUCH LIGHT – and the need for sacred privacy. We do need the room to communicate and share more in a private and protected space.

(In the next week, look out for an email with a link and your password to a private being community space.)

Being intimate with the dance is key.

Start with containing your enthusiasm to share everything as this process takes time, special care and attention.

And also get to know the kind of sharing that’s healthy and helpful to the world.

It’s a matter of frequency.

Let’s start with the foundation: Checking in on the motivation for sharing is a great start.

Our process is very sacred. The need to share doesn’t always come from a healthy place – and yet our work is sharing ourselves more fully.

The thing I am here to remind you to explore and feel into is this –

What is the FREQUENCY of your sharing?

Yep – the frequency of your sharing, the feelings before, during and after.  It is a great place to get present to—it’s where the guidance comes from.

A few examples:

Something personal, intimate, and sharing of a very personal process, can have a very timid and even shameful frequency. Do it when you feel safe and supported – you either feel it or not.

A moment of inspiration, epiphanies and experiences of success, triumph and deep connections – may have a very excited, motivated and humbled frequency. People enjoy it, but they must have the room for it, check in first.

Sharing for the sake of validation has a very yucky needy feeling. Everyone can feel it.

Sharing because it will make you feel better, you want to process it with someone or at least out loud. That has a very raw feeling and the sort of emptiness that you can’t just spring on most people.

Sharing because you feel guilty—that is a tricky one. Stop feeling guilty, it doesn’t add any value to your or anyone else’s process/journey.

Sharing because you feel like it’s your gift, your responsibility, your light! – Now that’s a journey worth going on. Even though it will feel very awkward, selfish, narcissistic and definitely not good enough.

Explore the motivation of your sharing and allow space, life and silence guide you.

When you do share – cultivate awareness for the frequency of your sharing.

Ultimately – you want your heart to guide you.

That’s why we do what we do together, be together in spaces that we co-create for the safety to self-explore and gently come back into our hearts!

So we don’t need to do or be anything different. Just be more conscious that we are bridging and creating worlds together, gently and without expectations.

We are multi-dimensional beings and there is no right or wrong way of doing any of this. We are cultivating as much presence as our consciousness can handle.

Our heart, love, compassion and kindness.

Self-acceptance, humility and remembering who we are.

In sacred awe of you,

At the Beginning


Hello Family,

Fall is a new beginning. In the Jewish tradition, this week celebrates a spiritual reboot by telling the bible story from the beginning.

In the beginning Life (god) created the heavens the earth.

Spiritual & Physical

Faith & Nourishment

Earth & Spirit

Mind & Heart

Embrace your nexus of reality itself.   Your experience contains the totality of the universe as well as your own individual unique moment by moment unfolding.

Shamanism is learning how to tell and weave your own story. Religion can get stuck in the story-telling of the past alone. Together we tell the story of the future.

Our work is coming back home, to the seat of our soul, coming into our own consciousness and co-creating our story.

Dancing WITH life. Playing WITH life. We are the 2 that make the 4. We are the existence and disappearance that generates our ongoing experiences of life.

Our work together wakes us up to the divinity of our nature. We are LIFE/GOD’s intention. Live, raw and always in the moment.

You’re an imagination to create … and … Creation that imagines.

If god lives and is expressed in your imagination (which it does!), then manifestation is coupled with your actions.

We don’t have to do much; we have to do something(s).

We don’t have to know everything, but we do have to show up. That IS the biggest lesson I have learned in the past 3 years of my own story weaving from dreaming to realizing.

3 years ago, I quit a very comfortable 9-5 job. Comfortable in the sense that it gave me the freedom I needed to expand, learn-what-I-love, and quit when I was ready.

“I want to be available for people full time” That’s what I told my Employer, the spiritual director of the Kabbalah Center in Los Angles.

I want to be available for people. That was my plan. That is still the core of everything I do and am.

Everything does begin in the imagination.

But I couldn’t just keep imagining. I had to do something. I had to take action.  However, the actions that I did were so much smaller than what I thought I would have to do.

3 years later, I find myself surrounded by people and a community that is supporting each-other. I feel supported, I am humbled by own role. I provide space for a living.

Forget marketing, forget social media, forget titles and qualifications.  Create a space of invitation!

The most important thing I have done is making myself available on a regular basis. I started hosting weekly gatherings 2 years ago. I started hosting a weekly podcast 2 months ago.

I rent a room to be available. I rent a studio to be available. I create my own space of invitations and availability. I tell the story I wanna tell. 2 became 200. Once every 3 months became 3 times a month.

“Good things spread.” That’s what my wife told me 3 years ago.  She was right. 10 years of business & marketing experiences didn’t teach me that.

So where do you start?

Forget marketing. Focus on showing up, and creating a space of invitation. Create space for people to be with you, learn from you, and get inspired by you.

Stop worrying about names and tag-lines. Start inviting people to be with you. Online, offline, or whatever you daydream about. Start small & slow – but do it CONSISTENTLY!!!

In the beginning I was so nervous before gatherings, I would not sleep. I would freeze in front of people for months. But I kept showing up.

In the beginning I invested, borrowed and forwarded money before anything was coming in… but I needed the practice of showing up.

Showing up consistently for people is the best method for growth and expansion. The content is merely what happens. The support is felt overtime.

I now know that showing up works.

Manifesting takes dreaming AND taking action. A lot less action than most think… but you do need to take action.

This new cycle of life… fall, seed planting season –make yourself a practice of showing up, for yourself first, then invite other people, consistently.

Let yourself bloom in the presence of others. Teach what you need to learn. Be who you want to become.

I am so grateful to weave this story together with you.